EU Participations - 40 best users

Most successful Swiss users in the 7th Framework Programme 2007-2013
are shown in the table below.
A complete list of all ca. 9'000 participations from more than 1300 differrent
participants since the year 2000 can be ordered under
Standard Produkte / Standard Products.

The list is dominated by public organizations as academic universities, incl.
the leaders ETHZ and EPFL, international organizations as CERN and WHO.
Surprisingly also the Swiss Federation is among the leading users.
Most successful industrial users are the (partly state financed) CSEM SA and
IBM Research GmbH followed by two administrative project coordinators.
Other industrial users, icl. one EPFL spin-off,  are to be found from rank 30
onwards. It is clearly demonstrated that even big industrial companies as
ABB, Novarties, Hoffmann-La Roche do not excessively use EU programs.