Consulting Innovation, Technology, Research and Development

To go for in-house development or cooperation with specialized external partners? To select partners from the supply chain or to cooperate with partners from the scientific community? To use public financing sources from the national or even from the international research and development programmes?

Which R+D activities are publically financed in Switzerland? Which not?

Does direct public financing for companies exist in Switzerland? Exists but is very limited when compared to other industrialized countries. 

Which form of R+D cooperation fits with your needs?  

Do you know the jungle of the various research programmes and the mountains of papers you are confronted with when applying for a public supported project? Public R+D programmes as CTI/KTI with numerous sub programmes, research programmes by Federal Offices, EUREKA, IMS, COST, ESA, CERN, SNF, EU Programmes, INTERREG, research funds and Hundreds of R+D foundations.

 Competent and independent consulting is offered without digging for days in incomprehensible documentations and often intangible formulations. Fast consulting is available without being redirected from one official contact point to the next.

The following consulting services are offered:

- Identification of relevant support possibilities in the areas research, development,
  and innovation

- Set-up of national or international R+D projects including the search for relevant
  partner as well as for already existing projects or solutions.

- Accompanying in the application phase, the project preparation phase including
  the contractual side.

- Project participation on a mandate basis

- Analyses of the Swiss international participations by branches, regions and
  Swiss cantons

- Workshops with company representatives to develop technology and
  product portfolios