Swiss Participation in the R+D Framework Programs of the European Union (2000-2014)

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February 2015, 35 pages, 12th edition with 7'825 Swiss participations in EU projects since 2000. The report together with the complete reference list provides a summary of the developments, individual participations in the tree FWP Nr. 5, 6, and 7 by each organization/company (incl. City & Canton) since the year 2000, as well as cantonal and regional assessments. For the follow-up program HORIZON 2020 (2014-2020) the new participations are not yet published and therefore not included. Main conclusions for the 4'255 Swiss participations in FWP7 are:

  • Universities, Federal Institute of Technology and Public R+D Institutes cover 58.1% of all participatrions (30% alone from the ETH domain), Enterprises 29.4%, and others as Government, NPOs etc. 12.5% of the participations in FWP7. By far the most important users are the ETHZ with 562 participations and the smaller EPFL with 495 participations.
  • Western Switzerland with 25% of the population is responsible for 38% of all Swiss participation in the FWP7.
  • Foreign staff working in Switzerland are clearly the key users of the ca. 300 m€ spent per year for the 7th FWP.
  • 43% of the total ca. 900 participating companies since 2000 are young companies founded after 2000. Scientific start-ups are the main private user groups. Most are still closely linked to scientific institutes, the later often being in charge of a significant part of R+D tasks.
  • Multiple participations in several EU projects are common practice and exercised by various organization


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