Swiss participation and Means FP7 and H2020

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For the ca. 900 different organisations in Switzerland with their 4.510 Swiss participations in FP7 since 2007 and 1.411 participations since 2014 the subsidies paid are listed. In Spring 2017 the EU retroactively published for the complete FP7 (2007-2013) individual financial date for all EU project participants, including the Swiss partners. For H2020 this is the case already since the start of the program, whereby the shares of the Swiss participants partly need to be calculated or estimated based ob the EU data. 

11% of the 900 different participants in Switzerland manage to receive 88% of the 2,95 billion EURO in subsidies committed so far. Among these intensive users are 41 companies out of just ca. 700 participating companies since 2007. New included are also the recently published participations in FP7, among these the ones of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry, which does not receive subsidies but instead has the right to use project results.

The report is offered as a) a PDF version with a reduced scope of delivery - Summary of 11 pages dataset Annex 1 of 50 pages or b) as an EXCEL version with additional features for own analyses - summary and annexes 1 and 2 of 111 pages, together with a separate annex 3 with a separte Annex 3 with the detailled extracts of all 4.510 Swiss participations in FP7 based on CORDIS.