Public Swiss R+D Institutes: August 2021, 14th edition / Öffentliche und halb-öffentliche F+E-Institute in der Schweiz

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The current 14th edition covers 2'164 research institutes (+7% since 2018) with the following parameters: organisation, faculty or department, institute name (incl. the English name), WEB link, e-mail, year founded, competences, number of R+D groups, staff, projects and funding, publications, international relation, SME relevance, and rating. In addition each institute is allocated to 7 industrial branches or topics to allow a pre-selection (energy, mechanical and electr. eng., ICT, environment, management & economy, education, and others).

Included is an introduction with a short analysis on key aspects (developments, trends, comparisons) and two summary spreadsheed a) for all 107 organisations assessed with name, domain, link, staff, revenue, number of students, professors, number of data records/Insututes and b) for 69 bigger organisations with additional details as locations, staff breakdown, revenue and financing, departments, and remarks.

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