Public Foreign R+D Institutes 2016 (up to 50 km from Swiss border)

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April 2016, the last edition includes 484 (2013: 496) Foreign R+D Institutes from 35 different organizations in LI, AT, DE, FR, and Italy. For each institute a selection of parameters has been assessed, including parameters as organisation, faculty or department, institute name, WEB link, e-mail, year founded, R+D competences, number of R+D groups, staff, and branch allocations. A majority of the records showed within the three years significant changes, esp. with regard to the web and contact addresses, the regularely adjusted R+D topics and staff numbers. Most affected are the data in France and Italy

This foreign list of R+D institutes supplements the list with the Swiss public and half public R+D institues (12th edition, August 2016), which is offered as a separate document. The 2 documents have a similar structure but the the Swiss list contains additional parameters as projects and financing, publications, international relation, ratings, and SME relation. 

The list of the Foreign R+D Institues 2016 is offered free of charge if purchased together with the Public Swiss R+D Institutes 2016, August 2016.

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