Guide 2020-(2021) - Support Programs Research, Development, Innovation, and Energy

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February 2020, Guide 2020-(2021) - Overview and Tips to the Programs related to Research, Development, Innovation and Energy, 16th edition, 73 pages, based on the German version "Leitfaden 2020-(2021)". Systematic compilation on 1-3 pages each of the 25 national and international umbrella programs that can be used in Switzerland, including funds and foundations and the very large energy compensation programmes.

2020 is a transition year for about 20 umbrella programs into a new financing phase or even a completely new programme phase, which is to start in 2021. In the old phase, the participation opportunities are slowly running out; for the new phase, which is only known in its initial stages, parliamentary decisions in Switzerland and the EU are expected towards the end of 2020. Decisions on Switzerland's participation and role in the important international programs will only be taken afterwards and, as experience has shown, may take many months.

In the most important R+D programs, there are about 5.200 new projects every year, with company participations in a maximum of 1.000 new projects per year. Over a periode of 10 years, only about 4.200 different Swiss companies, often several times, made use of the R&D programs, which corresponds to about 1,4% of all Swiss companies.

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